Senior Staff

Dr. Francine Lemire 
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Theresa Maguire-Garber
Associate Executive Director/COO, Director, Corporate Affairs and Research and Education Foundation

Dr. Pamela Eisener-Parsche
Associate Executive Director and Director, Academic Family Medicine

Dr. Jamie Meuser
Associate Executive Director / Director, Continuing Professional Development

Peter Thomlison
Interim Publisher CFP

Lynn Dunikowski
Director, Library Services

Inese Grava-Gubins
Director, Research

Sandeep Kumar 
Director, Finance

Eric J. Mang
Director, Health Policy and Government Relations / Interim Director, Communications 

Rabin Samaroo
Acting CIO, Information Technology  

Sarah Scott
Director, Governance & Strategic Planning

Carol Costa
Acting Director, Membership and Professional Affairs

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