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Imagine the Possibilities – Did you know that more than 200 awards, grants and scholarships in family medicine were awarded by the Research and Education Foundation (REF) last year? Donations to the REF support research and continuing education initiatives of family physicians, clinicians, researchers, teachers, medical students, and family medicine residents.

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) has played an important role in the history of family medicine in Canada. To help serve the future of family medicine, the Research and Education Foundation (REF) of the CFPC was established in 1994 as the only charitable organization in Canada dedicated solely to supporting the research and education initiatives carried out by family doctors on behalf of their patients.

Through the generous support of donors, the REF has been able to fund a number of research grants, scholarships, and awards recognizing clinicians, teachers, researchers, residents, and medical students. These awards have significant impact on patient care in large and small communities across Canada. Find out more about our fundraising priorities and upcoming events, as well as how you can contribute to the REF.

Since its inception, the REF has supported hundreds of family doctors across Canada. Each year, family doctors are encouraged to apply for research grants and scholarships through the CFPC’s Honours and Awards program.


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