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October 9, 2015

Hear mention of CFPC in CBC audio clip (mentioned at 21:42)

Globe and Mail

Ovarian tissue transplants may aid some women having trouble conceiving
Researchers urge medical marijuana use over opioids to treat neuropathic pain

Global News

Johnson and Johnson begins its Ebola vaccine trial in Sierra Leone


Keeping Canada Alive health series
Study: Smoking set to kill 1 in 3 young men in China
Federal election parties share their health care plans (audio clip)
WHO sounds the alarm on antibiotic resistance


B.C. MDs criticize Canada's strict medical marijuana rules
CMA recommends ‘cooling off period’ in regards to assisted dying
Elephants may hold clue to cancer-fighting genes
WHO concerned that many polio vaccines in Ukraine will be wasted
Excessive time spent on computer may led to stress in teens

National Post

After receiving grant to study HPV vaccine, professor condemns it

Montreal Gazette

Compensation for Quebec MDs catching up to the average
Rotating strikes to affect 375,000 students

Herald Mail Media

Sports medicine is topic of U.S. community seminar

La Presse

La remise en question du vaccin contre le VPH : Une autre campagne de peur?
La FIQ maintient que les compressions en santé ouvrent la porte à la privatisation 

Le Devoir

Contestations au sein de la FMOQ au sujet de l’entente avec Barrette
Étude en Chine sur le tabagisme : Deux fois plus de décès prévus en 2030  

Ici Radio-Canada

25 % des nouveau-nés de femmes en désintoxication confiés aux services sociaux 
Reportage sur la réparation des nerfs à la suite d’un accident 

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