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February 2015

(Mississauga, February 20, 2015) - CFPC applauds announcement of additional support for victims of family violence and their children

December 2014

(OTTAWA, December 2, 2014) - Huge growth in Canadian doctors use of information technology, National Physician Survey reveals

(OTTAWA, December 2, 2014) - Canada needs federal leadership to accelerate health innovation and improve system performance

November 2014

(Mississauga, ON, November 12, 2014) - From Red to Green. From Stop to Go. Recommended actions to improve home care and child and youth health.

(OTTAWA, November 10, 2014) - Michaëlle Jean Foundation and CFPC Announce “Power of the Arts Family Medicine Fellowship”

(Mississauga, ON, November 3, 2014) - Canada’s 2014 ‘Top Docs’ in Family Medicine to be Honoured with Prestigious Award

May 2014

(Mississauga, ON, May 9, 2014) - Governor General of Canada receives Honorary Membership to the CFPC

April 2014

(Mississauga, ON, April 2, 2014) - Choosing Wisely Canada to Help Physicians and Patients Make Smart Choices

(Mississauga, ON, April 1, 2014) - CFPC urges federal government leadership in health care following end of Health Accord

March 2014

(Mississauga, ON, March 12, 2014) - CFPC Announces Appointment of Associate Executive Director and Director, Academic Family Medicine

(Calgary, AB – March 7, 2014) - CFPC: Understanding of poverty must be included in work on family violence and child maltreatment issues

February 2014

(Mississauga, ON, February 12, 2014) - CFPC Finds Federal Leadership in Health Care Still Lacking

January 2014

(Mississauga, ON, January 29, 2014) – CFPC Supports National Symposium on Reducing Misuse of Prescription Drugs

November 2013

(Mississauga, ON, November 7, 2013) – CFPC Presents Medical Student Scholarships to Future Family Physicians

(Vancouver, BC, November 6, 2013) - Family Physicians Challenge the Federal Government to Play a Greater Role in Health Care

October 2013

(Ottawa, ON, October 21, 2013) - Canada’s Largest Physician Survey Flags a Lack of Patient Care Resources and Workforce Planning 2013 National Physician Survey reveals new data

(Mississauga, ON, October 17, 2013) - The CFPC Responds to the Speech from the Throne: Federal Involvement in Health Care Absent

August 2013

(Mississauga, ON, August 20, 2013) – CFPC leaders meet with Minister of Health: Renewed Focus on Innovation in Health Care

June 2013

(Mississauga, ON, June 13, 2013) – CFPC News Release re: Medical Marijuana

April 2013

(Ottawa, ON, April 24, 2013) – Faulty Birth Control Pills in the Canadian Marketplace Unacceptable

November 2012

(Mississauga, ON, November, 22 2012) – New Alcohol Screening, Intervention and Referral Resource addresses harmful alcohol consumption

(Mississauga, ON, November, 5 2012) – The CFPC Announces Canada’s 2012 ‘Top Docs’ in Family Medicine

(Mississauga, ON, November, 5 2012) – Backgrounder: CFPC Announces Canada’s 2012 Family Physicians of the Year

October 2012

(Mississauga, ON, October 19, 2012) – Six medical heroes named Canada’s 2013 Hall of Fame inductees

(Mississauga, ON, October 10, 2012) – Canadian health care not meeting the needs of rural maternity care providers and patients

July 2012

(Mississauga, ON, July 27, 2012) – CFPC Welcomes Health Care Innovation Report: Focus is on better care, better health, better value

May 2012

(Mississauga, ON, May 8, 2012) – The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) commends the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) on its mental health strategy

November 2011

(Mississauga, ON, November 4, 2011) – The College of Family Physicians of Canada is pleased to announce its 2011‐2012 Executive Committee

(Mississauga, ON, November 4, 2011) – The CFPC Honours 17 Medical Students with $170,000 in Medical Student Scholarships

October 2011

(Mississauga, ON, October 24, 2011) – The CFPC Announces Canada’s ‘Top Docs’ in Family Medicine at 2011 Family Physicians of the Year Awards in Montreal

September 2011

(Ottawa, ON, September 28, 2011) – Canada’s future physicians make choices to ensure personal –professional life balance

(Ottawa, ON, September 21, 2011) – CFPC releases vision for the future of family practice in Canada: The Patient's Medical Home

June 2011

(Ottawa, ON, June 27, 2011) - Canada’s largest physician survey warns of chronic illness impact on the Health Care System

April 2011

(Toronto, ON, April 8, 2011) - CFPC Health Care News Release

March 2011

(Mississauga, ON, March 10, 2011) - CFPC Announcement

November 2010

(Mississauga, ON, November 29, 2010) - CFPC Past President: One of Canada’s Top 100 Women of 2010

October 2010

(Mississauga, ON, October 4, 2010) - CFPC Celebrates the ‘Best of the Best’ in Family Medicine With the 2010 Family Physician of the Year Awards

(Mississauga, ON, October 6, 2010) - CFPC’s Family Medicine Forum is focus of CFPC’s 7th Annual Family Doctor Week in Canada

September 2010

(Mississauga, ON, September 20, 2010) - CFPC Announces 2010 Honorary Members

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