MAINPRO® Changes

MAINPRO®+ is coming on June 27, 2016!

The College of Family Physicians of Canada is pleased to announce that the official launch of the new MAINPRO+® platform will take place on June 27, 2016. The new online reporting platform will make accessing your credit summary, completed activities, in-progress activities, and official transcripts, much easier. Please see the explanatory video and the CFPC brochure to learn more about the new system features and changes to credit categories.

Coming soon …

The way you earn and report CPD credits is changing ...

  • Reporting categories that are easier to understand
  • Opportunities to earn credit for more practice activities
  • Opportunities to earn 1, 2, or 3 credits per hour with more activities and programs
  • New user-friendly online reporting portal

Mainpro Changes Table 

We're keeping what works well...

  • Five-year reporting cycle
  • Minimum 25 credits required per year
  • Minimum 250 credits required per cycle
  • Minimum 125 credits required per cycle from certified CPD programs
  • Easy online reporting
  • Supportive CPD staff

Important changes to MAINPRO®

The CFPC is making some significant changes to Mainpro, based on member recommendations, to help all Mainpro participants meet their changing learning requirements. The system changes will also ensure that the appropriate mechanisms are in place to allow Mainpro to evolve and improve over time. We understand that change can be challenging at times and want to ensure all our members have a successful transition to Mainpro+. Below are some frequently asked questions about Mainpro+:

How do M1, M2, and MC credits fit into Mainpro+?

The current credit categories of M1, M2, and MC will be replaced by the more intuitive categories of: Group Learning, Self-Learning, and Assessment. We will be eliminating the terms M1, M2, and MC with the launch of Mainpro+. Please download our latest brochure for more information on new credit categories.

How do I “convert” my credits for Mainpro+?


Please continue to report your credits online as you normally would and ensure you are reporting the required amount of credits per year and cycle. Prior to the launch of Mainpro+ our helpful staff will process all the required credit conversions for you. All M1 and MC credits will be converted to Certified credits and all M2 credits will be converted to Non-Certified credits. You will always have access to your previous records via our online reporting tool or by calling one of our Mainpro Coordinators.


If you have any questions please email CPD staff at or 1-800-387-6197 ext 560.

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