MAINPRO® for Resident Members

The CFPC believes that the foundations for lifelong learning, and a commitment to continuing professional development (CPD), should be fostered during residency training. The ideals of lifelong learning are outlined in the definition of the CanMEDS-FM Scholar role:

“As Scholars, family physicians demonstrate a lifelong commitment to reflective learning, as well as the creation, dissemination, application and translation of knowledge.”[i]

The four key competencies linked to the Scholar role are as follows:

  • Maintain and enhance professional activities through ongoing self-directed learning based on reflective practice
  • Critically evaluate medical information, its sources, and its relevance to their practice, and apply this information to practice decisions
  • Facilitate the education of patients, families, trainees, other health professional colleagues, and the public, as appropriate
  • Contribute to the creation, dissemination, application, and translation of new knowledge and practices

Through participation in Mainpro, family physicians are able to document and provide evidence of their commitment to these competencies, and as a resident member, you also have the opportunity to participate in Mainpro.

Am I required to participate in Mainpro as a resident member?

Participation in Mainpro is optional for resident members; however, the College encourages you to report all professional development activity completed outside of your residency training program curriculum (publication, conferences and workshops, advanced life support training, etc.).

  • Residents who wish to report credits must do so online (paper-based reporting is no longer accepted).
  • Instructions on how to set up your online account, as well as how to submit your credits, are available at

Are there benefits to reporting as a resident member?

Participating in Mainpro as a resident helps to familiarize you with the reporting system and structure; this, in turn, will ease the transition from resident to active membership.

As added incentive, up to 30 Mainpro-M1 and five Mainpro-C credits earned and reported during your residency cycle will be automatically carried forward to your first active Mainpro cycle; it’s our way of helping to ensure your first cycle as an active member starts off on the right foot.

Are there different types of credits that can be earned?

There are three categories of Mainpro credits:

  • Mainpro-M1: These credits are linked to structured learning programs, events, or activities that focus on enhancing knowledge and skills integral to family medicine. Examples include accredited conferences, courses, and workshops; accredited hospital/clinical rounds and journal clubs; interactive, Internet-based continuing medical education (CME); Self Learning® (free to resident members); and more!
  • Mainpro-M2: These credits are linked to self-directed, unstructured CPD/CME activities (e.g., journal reading, teaching, podcasts), as well as non-CFPC accredited live events (e.g., American Medical Association [AMA]--accredited programs).
  • Mainpro-C: These credits are linked to activities that promote performance/quality improvement and include a self-reflective component (e.g., practice audits, accredited practice-based small-group learning). For each Mainpro-C credit earned the CFPC provides a bonus Mainpro-M1 credit – so these can be considered “two-for-one” credits. \

Can I develop my own Mainpro-eligible learning opportunity?

Yes – the College encourages and supports earning credit for a variety of activities – not just activities thought of as traditional CME (i.e., lecture, conference, journal reading). Through exercises such as Linking Learning to Practice, Pearls™, and Practice Audits/Quality Assurance Programs you earn Mainpro credit when you reflect on how an encounter, activity, or search of the medical literature has impacted your practice or the health of patients.

As an active practice member, you may also use Mainpro forms to earn credit for completing a practice audit, writing a major medical examination (excludes the CCFP examination), or completing post-graduate studies related to family medicine, just to name a few.

Can I talk to someone about getting started?

We are here to help! Resident members have access to all services available to active members when it comes to Mainpro support. Call or email us – we welcome the opportunity to assist you!

See the Contact Us link on this page for information.


If you have any questions, please contact CPD staff at [email protected] or 1-800-387-6197 ext 560.

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