The Janus Project: Family physicians meeting the needs of tomorrow’s society.

The Janus Project was launched in 1996 in response to the recommendations made in the joint WHO-WONCA paper entitled “Making Medical Practice and Education More Relevant to People's Needs: The Contribution of the Family Doctor.” The project combines an extensive physician awards program with national level surveys of Canadian family physicians (National Family Physician Survey or NFPS).

Here is how the Janus Project responds to some of the recommendations:

  • "Accept that health care must change"
     - The NFPS was designed to inform and measure change.

    - The Janus Awards Program supports change and growth.
  •  "Define the status and role of family doctors"
- The NFPS was designed to identify the status and roles played by Canadian family physicians.
  •  "More emphasis on health services, population-based and primary care research"
- A goal of the NFPS is to provide information that will link the provision of primary care/family physician services to population health outcomes.

National Family Physician Survey

Two editions of NFPS were carried out – in 1997/98 and in 2001. Starting with 2004, the NFPS became a part of larger, all-encompassing National Physician Survey (NPS) that is distributed to every physician in Canada. The NPS is currently carried out by the College of Family Physicians (CFPC) in collaboration with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC). You can learn more about the NPS at www.nationalphysiciansurvey.ca.

Janus Project Awards

As a fundamental part of the Janus project, the CFPC offers Janus research grants and Janus Continuing Professional Development/Continuing Medical Education (CPD/CME) scholarships to help support further development of Canadian family physicians.

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