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Glossary of Terms 


Advisory Committee on Family Practice

ARC/VPAC(ARC)Alternative Route to Certification/Voie parallèle d’accès à la certification (VPAC)
ASAAnnual Scientific Assembly/Assemblée scientifique annuelle

Collaborative Action Committee on Intra-Professionalism 

CaRMeN/RCMRCanadian Rural Medicine Network/Réseau canadien de médecine rurale
CCFP(EM)/CCMF(MU)Certificant of the College of Family Physicians (Emergency Medicine)/Certifié du Collège des médecins de famille (Médecine d’urgence)
CCFP/CCMFCertificant of the College of Family Physicians/Certifié du Collège des médecins de famille
CFPCanadian Family Physician/Le médecin de famille canadien
CFPC/CMFCCollege of Family Physicians of Canada/Collège des médecins de famille du Canada
CLFM/BCMFCanadian Library of Family Medicine/Bibliothèque canadienne de médecine familiale
CME/FMCContinuing Medical Education/Formation médicale continueContinuing Medical Education/Formation médicale continue
CPMN /RGCClinical Practice Management Network/Réseau de gestion clinique
EAB-CFP/CCR-MFCEditorial Advisory Board - Canadian Family Physician/Conseil consultatif de rédaction-Le Médecin de famille canadien
FCFP/FCMFFellow of the College of Family Physicians/Fellow du Collège des Médecins de famille
FITERFinal In-Training Evaluation Report/Fiche d’évaluation en fin de formation
FMEFFamily Medicine Education Forum/Forum sur l’éducation en médecine familiale
FMFFamily Medicine Forum/Forum en médecine familiale
FMIG/GIMF(FMIG)Family Medicine Interest Group/Groupe d’intérêt en médecine familiale (GIMF)
FMR:CCI/RMF:RCJFamily Medicine Research: A Current Canadian Index/Recherche en médecine familiale: Un répertoire canadien à jour
MACMembership Advisory Committee
MAINPROMaintenance of Proficiency/Maintien de la compétence professionelle
MCFP(EM)/MCMF(MU)Member, College of Family Physicians (Emergency Medicine)/Membre du Collège des médecins de famille (Médecine d’urgence)
MCFP/MCMFMember, College of Family Physicians/Membre du Collège des médecins de famille
NaReSNational Research System/Système national de recherche
NCCME/CNFMCNational Committee on Continuing Medical Education/Comité national de formation médical continue
NFPWSNational Family Physician Workforce Survey
PASSPractice Assessment Program/Programme d’évaluation de la pratique
PBSGLProblem-based small group learning/Apprentissage en petits groupes basé dans la pratique
SAMPShort answer management problem/Simulations cliniques écrites abrègées
SCCStaff Communications Committee/Comité du personnel sur les communications
SLSSelf Learning Suite/Suite d’autoapprentissage
SOMS/SÉMSection of Medical Students/Section des étudiants en médecine
SOO/EMSSimulated Office Oral/Entrevue médicale Simulée
SORSection of Researchers/Section des chercheurs
SORSection of Residents/Section des résidents
SOTSection of Teachers/Section des enseignants
External Acronyms 
AAFP American Academy of Family Physicians
AAMC American Association Medical Colleges
AAMFT American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy
ABFP American Board of Family Medicine
ACAHO Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations
ACLS Advanced Cardiac Life Support
ACUDA Association of Canadian University Departments of Anaesthesia
ADDMFC L’Association des directeurs de médecine familiale du Canada
ADPMFC L’Association des directeurs de programme de médecine familiale du Canada
AFMC Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada
AFN Assembly of First Nations
AFPRN Alberta Family Practice Research Network
AHCPR Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
AMA American Medical Association
ASPN Ambulatory Sentinel Practice Network
ATLS Advanced Trauma Life Support
CACMS Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools
CAEP Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians
CAGS Canadian Association of General Surgeons
CAIR Canadian Association of Interns & Residents
CAME Canadian Association for Medical Education
Can Meds 2000 RCPSC Project
CAPER Canadian Post-M.D. Education Registry
CaRMS Canadian Resident Matching Service
CCHSA Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation
CFMS Canadian Federation of Medical Students
CHA   Canadian Hospital Association    
CIHI/ICISCanadian Institute for Health Information/Instituts Canadien d’information sur la santé
CIHR/IRSCCanadian Institutes of Health Research/Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada
CLEOConsideration of the Legal, Ethical & Organizational aspects of the practice of medicine (MCC)
CMACanadian Medical Association
CMAQCMA Quality of Care Program
CMDCanadian Medical Directory
CMFCanadian Medical Forum
CMPACanadian Medical Protective Association
CMQCollège des médecins du Québec
CNACanadian Nurses Association
COACMSCouncil on Accredited Canadian Medical Schools
COFMCouncil of Ontario Faculties of Medicine
CORRACoalition of Regulatory Related Agencies
CPHACanadian Public Health Association
CPSO College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario
CWARCCanadian Workplace Automatic Research Centre
EFPOEducating Future Physicians of Ontario
FMLACFederation of Medical Licensing Authorities of Canada
FMOQFédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec
FMRQFédération des médecins résidents du Québec
FMSQFederation of Medical Specialists of Quebec
FRCPCFellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada
FRCSCFellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada
IPCNInternational Primary Care Network
MCCMedical Council of Canada
MCPSMember of the College of Physicians and Surgeons
MINCMedical Identification Number for Canada
NACCFMNational Association of Canadian Chairs of Family Medicine
NACPDFMNational Association of Canadian Program Directors of Family Medicine
NAPCRGNorth American Primary Care Research Group
NCBHRNational Council on Bioethics Human Research
NCCPMTNational Continuing Committee on Physicians Management Training
NHRDPNational Health Research and Development Program
NIHNational Institute of Health (U.S.)
NRPNeonatal Resuscitation Program
OMAOntario Medical Association
PAIROProfessional Association of Internes & Residents of Ontario
PALSPediatric Advanced Life Support
RCPSC/CRMCCRoyal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
RFPRequest for Proposal
Rx&DCanada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies
SOGCSociety of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada
SRPCSociety of Rural Physicians of Canada
STFMSociety of Teachers of Family Medicine
WHOWorld Health Organization  
WONCAWonca - World Organization of Family Doctors
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