Section of Communities of Practice in Family Medicine

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Formerly the Section of Family Physicians with Special Interests or Focused Practices

Our Section of Communities of Practice in Family Medicine (CPFM) comprises a number of programs, each of which addresses a particular area of special interest of our members.  

These programs cover a range of areas that members have asked us to include - be they part of their comprehensive care practices or in some cases major or full-time commitments. The CFPC remains committed to comprehensive continuing care.

Family Physicians with special interests are those family doctors with traditional comprehensive continuing care family practices who act as the personal physicians for their patients and whose practices include one or more areas of special interest as integrated parts of the broad scope of services they provide.

Family physicians with focused practices are those family doctors with a commitment to one or more specific clinical areas as major part-time or full-time components of their practices.

At present, programs have been approved in the following areas: 

Addiction Medicine 
Family Practice Anesthesia
Cancer Care
Child and Adolescent Health
Chronic Pain
Developmental Disabilities 
Emergency Medicine
Enhanced Skills Surgery
Global Health
Health Care of the Elderly
Hospital Medicine
Maternity and Newborn Care
Mental Health 
Occupational Medicine
Palliative Care
Prison Health
Respiratory Medicine
Sport and Exercise Medicine 

Additional Programs will be available as they are approved by our Board.

CPFM Project Status Update

Get started

All you have to do to get started is go to your membership profile where you can indicate which program or programs are of interest to you. There will be no added fees or other requirements expected of you to become part of this College activity. We will pass your name on to the programs, so that you may be included in future networking opportunities and future communications. 

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