What are the consequences of failing to meet the established MAINPRO® requirements?
If I take a year off from practice due to illness or maternity/paternity leave, will my cycle automatically be extended?
I am planning to take an extended period of time off from practice to pursue additional training. Will this impact my MAINPRO® requirements?
I am going on a sabbatical, am I still required to submit Mainpro credits?
As an Affiliate Specialist member of the College, my certification and primary practice is in a medical specialty other than family medicine. Am I required to submit MAINPRO® credits?
I am a CFPC member residing outside of North America. What are my MAINPRO® requirements?
As a Sustaining member of the College am I required to report MAINPRO® credits?
How are MAINPRO® cycle start and end dates calculated?
I have reported MAINPRO®-C credits but they do not appear (or appear as ‘pending’) on my record. What happened?
I would like to work toward earning Fellowship (FCFP). What are the requirements?
I am a working toward certification through the practice-eligible route. When I become a Certificant, will I lose my current MAINPRO® credits?
I am attending a CPD event in the USA. Can I claim MAINPRO®-credits?
Can I continue reporting my CME credits if I complete my CME credit requirements before my cycle end date?
Am I able to claim Mainpro credits for clinical Volunteer work, for instance in resource-poor settings?
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