Board of Directors

The Board of Directors governs the operations and activities of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC). It sets policy and establishes direction through strategic planning and ensures financial solvency. It represents the CFPC, family physicians, and family medicine, as articulated through organizational goals, the four principles of family medicine, and other seminal statements. 

The membership of the Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee, Directors from each constituent Chapter, as well as Directors representing each of the College’s Sections (Teachers, Researchers, Residents, Medical Students, Family Physicians with Special Interests or Focused Practices); the National Association of Canadian Chairs of Family Medicine; and the Public. 

Members of the Executive Committee of the Board:

Dr. Garey Mazowita, President
Dr. Kathy Lawrence, Past-President
Dr. Jennifer Hall, Chair of the Board and President-Elect 
Dr. David White, Honorary Secretary-Treasurer
Dr. Claudette Chase, Member-at-Large (3-year term)
Dr. Guillaume Charbonneau, Member-at-Large (1-year term)


Board of Directors (as of September 18, 2014)

British Columbia 

Dr. Patricia Mirwaldt
Dr. Christie Newton


Dr. Cathy Scrimshaw
Dr. Patricia Smith


Dr. Danielle Cutts
Dr. Paula Schwann


Dr. Paul Sawchuk
Dr. Susan Fair


Dr. Cathy Faulds
Dr. Frank Martino
Dr. Jonathan Kerr


Dr. Dominique Deschênes
Dr. Caroline Laberge
Dr. Maxine Dumas-Pilon

New Brunswick 

Dr. Anick Pelletier
Dr. Marc-André Doucet

Nova Scotia

Dr. Michelle Ciach
Dr. Susan Malloy

Prince Edward Island

Dr. Lana Beth Barkhouse
Dr. Shannon Curtis

Newfoundland & Labrador

Dr. Jackie Elliott
Dr. Charlene Fitzgerald 

Section of Residents 

Dr. Alexis Lemmex
Dr. Steve Hawrylyshyn
Dr. Jaspreet Mangat

Section of Researchers

Dr. Alan Katz

Section of Medical Students

Sara Porisky  
Iain Vergie

Section of Teachers

Dr. Miriam Boillat

Section of Family Physicians with Special Interests or Focused Practices

Dr. Tom Bailey 

National Association of Canadian Chairs of Family Medicine

Dr. Marie Giroux

Public Members

Mr. Scott Dudgeon 
Mr. William Mussell
Ms. Linda Ross


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