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Last Call for Grant Applications

Have you taken the time to look at the CFPC’s full range of our available grants and awards? We have opportunities in addictions medicine, palliative care, mental health care, care of the elderly, family medicine research, and much more for family physicians at all stages of their careers.

Many of our research and CPD grant applications are due February 16, 2016!

Honours and Awards Program Seeks Volunteer Reviewers

We are seeking volunteer reviewers for our 2016 application season. Reviewer work typically takes place between February and April, depending on the applications assigned. Please take a look at our full catalogue  to determine where your area of expertise can best be utilized. Interested individuals can contact awards@cfpc.ca for more information.

The Honours and Awards Program

The Honours and Awards Program offers grants, scholarships, and awards to recognize and support family physicians, family medicine residents, and medical students committed to education, research, and excellence in the practice of family medicine.  

This program is designed to celebrate the achievements and outstanding work of members by offering funding for scholarships and grants and by promoting their successes.  

Select a category of award on the left side bar to view the awards in the group and to access the terms of reference for each.

Awards and Development Spotlight: Launching the 2016 Honours & Awards Catalogue

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our 2016 Honours & Awards Catalogue! Each year, we expand our program to meet the changing needs of our members, your patients, and your communities. We have opportunities in addictions medicine, palliative care, mental health, care of the elderly, and much more, for family physicians at all stages of their careers.

Applications are due February 16, 2016!

Thank you!

The College, and members of the Research & Education Foundation (REF) would like to acknowledge the work of the many committee members who review nominations and applications for these awards and the work of the members of the Honours and Awards Committee who oversee and provide direction to the Honours and Awards Program.

These honours and awards are made possible through donations to the CFPC REF. Our sincere thanks for the significant financial support of our corporate partners, College members, and staff of the CFPC, and individual donors who generously support the REF.

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